Understanding Women Micro and Small Business Entrepreneurs in Uganda

This report focuses on micro and small entrepreneurial activity among women in Uganda. We present and discuss findings that were adduced on the entrepreneurial environment, motivations, aspirations and challenges of women entrepreneurs. The report also shows that the younger women entrepreneurs had the highest number of startup and infant businesses while their older counterparts had […]

Magatte Wade, founder of Tiossan (Senegal)

This born businesswoman has excelled in the promotion of natural African products in the food and cosmetics industry, mainly on the American market. At just 45, the Senegalese-born founder of Tiossan, an all-natural, artisan skin care brand inspired by the traditional Sufi healers of Senegal. At the heart of this growing global brand are the proud […]

Massogbè Touré Diabaté: Ivory Coast

Massogbè Touré Diabaté is a key figure when it comes to the cashew (cashew) sector in Côte d’Ivoire. By promoting the cashew tree, the boss of Sita SA has become a captain of industry who is taking up some of the most current challenges facing African countries: industrialization and the economic emancipation of women. Above all, […]