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Fix back a Single Dropped Stitch the right way.

Fix back a Single Dropped Stitch the right way.
DIY (Do it Yourself) Machine Knitting

A dropped stitch looks like this: a loose stitch with strands of yarn above it

When you think you’ve dropped a stitch, the first thing to do is find and secure the dropped stitch. When you drop a stitch, it’ll cause your knitting to unravel, so find and secure it immediately.

Paying attention to your work as you knit will prevent you from dropping stitches and allow you to spot any dropped stitches sooner rather than later. Additionally, using the correct needle size for the yarn you are using will help decrease the number of stitches dropped while also keeping your tension more even.

Click to learn how to fis a single dropped stitch right away

Video by Joan Muganzi
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