Hello my beautiful people my name is Faridah Nakanwagi

About Us

Our company is called Adroit Services it was registered in 2017 .

Our Slogan is: Handy man. This means that we can handle all timber related handy works.


We got variety of machines which get this done like designing doors and dinning tables or chairs or any art piece,straighteners. These are located in bwaise industrial area.

We sell the timber also in Bwaise industrial area but these are in a different shops .means in bwaise We have workshop and a Shop itself timber shops are called kibanda.

Our Products

We specialize in Eucalyptus ; in Luganda it’s called kalitunsi

It has different specifications :These are called Bubawo
6 by 1
5 by 1
4 by 1
3 by 1
2 by 1

These are mainly used for making sofa frames.

6 by 2
4 by 2
4 by 3
3 by 2
These are used for roofing and making ceilings:Buliti
There is a type called kirundu. It’ called mbawo used for wall plates .

For the splitting of timber we have a yield of about 1 acre in ssanga on semuto road.

We sell firewood, makooko, timber and saw dust.

We do the production and distribution. We are wholesalers and retailers .

How do we get the logs

We got suppliers who provide us with the big logs which we split into those different types of items.

We employ round 20 stuff who are permanent and 10 who r per job accomplished.

We deal in wood with it’s by products
Saw dust,firework,timber

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