My goal is to design your space in a way that speaks warmth, rejuvenation, joy, happiness, and even confidence to whoever enters.

My journey started with a visit to a fabric shop in Kampala with the aim of redesigning my house that had cream chairs and a maroon carpet that had cream and white designs. I asked the sales lady to show me a white net with some cream designs to “pull” the chairs and the cream designs that are on the carpet. I also wanted either blue or green for my bedrooms. I exhausted her to the extent that she asked me whether I was an interior designer or worked in an interior shop. I said no.

Back home, loving the results, I realized I could venture into this. I got schooled today, I own and manage my interior design one stop shop.

My strengths in the business: I am truthful and my prices are affordable. This has enabled me have returning clients. I possess a natural talent in combining colors and choosing appropriate fabrics; aside passion in this.


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Kitende, Entebbe Road


0.1905861, 32.5391758



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