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Own a Salon? Added Business Options with Little Start Capital

Own a Salon? Added Business Options with Little Start Capital
Personal Opinions

Yesterday, I got a call from a lady on this group of ours – WAAB. She has a problem and needs your advice ladies ….

She owns a saloon that she says is not doing too well of late. She is looking for advise on how and what else she can do to make ends meet. Any investment suggested should be mindful that she will be pulling the money from her saloon … which is earning very little.

I told her to get just 50,000shs and go to Owino market very early in the morning and buy shoes at 3,000shs max – that is 16 pairs of shoes. Go home, wash them, put them out to dry and sell them at 10,000shs each. When she sells them, from her 50k, she will have 160k as gross profit. These are the same second-hand shoes on sale on the streets at even much higher prices.

Alternatively, I told her to go on Monday, Wednesday and/or Saturday to Owino, between 7am – 10am, and buy good and classic second-hand clothes at max 2,500shs – that is 20 dresses. On these days, they cut the ndibootas and sell the clothes at obscenely cheap prices. She then takes them home, washes and irons them. She should sell them at 10,000shs – this will earn her 200k as gross profit. She should run this business in her saloon space so that she does not have to pay rent again. Alternatively, she sells them to those shops already selling the clothes at 30k

I also asked that I share her story on the group and ladies advise her on what kinds of businesses she can start with extremely little capital…. Over to you ladies ….

What else can she do? She will be reading your posts…

The Business ladies stepped in to suggest options from her …. read below their options:

Response 1: I believe passion for something should also be considered here. Otherwise we shall come up with different things and if someone has no interest, this is where everything will be left.

Response 2: Good idea since she already has location this would be a deal breaker

Response 3: I agree. And when you need some cash ebya passion don’t necessarily matter oba? The Passion comes along the way when it starts getting you the rent money, then covering other bills…

Response 4: Once u r doing something u learn to love it .personally am a lumberjack I do all the work and love it passionately so when people call 📞 all r like we thought it’s a man and uneducated so hands on gets u love what u do

Response 5: Wow

Response 6: Wasooma this is already good advise

Response 7: Personally i believe this passion like commitment is overated

Response 8: Same hia I believe u just have to be aggressive at what u intend to do fall and get up again personally I sale tyres (tyrespot limited) and because it’s  male field when one calls they seem surprised but I realized and worked on is my knowledge for tyres, brands which car wears which size awo am good…..etc etc so whatever the lady decides to do. Please lady equip yourself study the area around u if its shoes how much are your neighbour’s selling, were are they getting them from, who are the suppliers, credit terms enter the market and be good purpose to be good give yourself time oyige

Response 9: Lots of good advise ladies … thank you

Response 10: Now i wonder, aside second-hand clothes and shoes business, is there no other business that can be started off using less capital?

Response 11: This has ready market. I have seen some one baking pancake and cassava now she is international level. She started with 50k

Response 12: She can make liquid soap, Juice

Response 13: Considering the fact that she already has an established saloon, the shoes and clothes idea would blend well with her saloon in a sense that she would easily tap into the same customers. As women, we normally buy things without initially planning it. I will enter a saloon to wash my hair and if I happen to find a nice dress on display, I will buy it using the boda boda money and walk home properly😂🧤

Hopefully, she has good taste and good display skills because this will take her a long way👌

Maybe she could add a fridge and put soft drinks too because sometimes, customers need these.

Response 14: Also, some cosmetics lotions, fumes

Response 15: Yes, liquid soap and eventually make hair shampoo. Good quality shampoo She can recommend for all her  customers that come to the saloon.

Response 16: Good morning … My thoughts … This lady has skills n saloon. Question to ponder on: Is the location bad? what could be causing the business to perform that way? My thoughts she has that skill already that she can’t just let go.

She could top up other accessories like make up, could bring in an option of training gals in her salon. These pay her a fee

I feel since she is skilled in that area she could think of how to adjust abit and make the business work

Other than venturing into a completely new business

Response 17: interesting options. To think that when we want to go into business, we opt for those that require alot of capital??🙆🏾‍♂️ …. plse keep the options coming through ….

Response 18: To add on this, I always see these washing sponges’ common in our homes, vendors kutembeya  them…. How about you buying a hook and a roll you make such, easy to sell, affordable 1k -3k maximum, the beautiful is thy are durable

Response 19: I see knickers, bras and jewellery

Response 20: Crocs, Jewelry, Braids, Learn makeup, Soda, water, munanansi, juice if she can get a fridge, Popcorn

Response 21: Even she can get a barber then give him a space and pays her some ka money for the space

Response 22: Yes

Response 23: 😍😍

Response 24: Or a nail parlour space depending on the location

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